Clay Shampoo for Smooth-Coated Dogs

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Detox your smooth-coated dog and restore their smooth, silky coat.

Restore Shine: Restore your smooth-coated dog’s natural shine with a well detoxed coat. A well detoxed coat will remove the grimes and nasty oils from your dog’s coat. The end result of a well detoxed coat helps create a shiny effect.

Rejuvenate coat: Removes the “dry coat” feeling with the strong hydrating properties of clay shampoo. With a well hydrated coat, your dog will naturally rejuvenate its coat, giving it a shiny and silky look.

Natural Conditioning: Leave your pet’s coat well conditioned without the need for any external conditioner. The clay detox shampoo contains both palm oil and coconut oil extract which has conditioning effects naturally.

High Quality Ingredients: The ingredients used in the shampoo are sourced from natural sources that are high quality and safe to be used for both humans and animals. Bobby’s Choice only source ingredients from trusted sources and we also go the extra mile to ensure that the ingredients are safe for animal and human usage.

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Bobby’s Choice clay shampoo is crafted with an ingredient ratio that is beneficial and best used for the silky coat of a smooth-coated breed. It has a ratio that can rejuvenate a smooth-coated dog’s coat with exfoliation and hydration.

With gentle but effective penetrative strength, the clay shampoo can effectively detox the smooth-coated dog’s coat. Kaolin clay is very effective in removing negatively charged toxins from your dog’s skin and coat without stripping its natural oil.

Recommended dog breeds: – Jack Russells, Bulldogs, Dobermans, Pugs, Dachshunds, and other smooth-coated breeds.

Volume: 500ml / 16.9 oz

Directions: Gently shower your dog with water and ensure it’s coat and skin are wet all throughout. Shake shampoo lightly and massage deeply into the coat and skin to ensure complete lathering. Rinse through to wash away all the grime and enjoy a smooth coat.

Storage: Keep at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. Keep it locked when not in use.


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