kaolin clay used for dog shampoo

Kaolin Clay for Dogs

Kaolin clay is a natural ingredient that is used in many cosmetics and skincare products. The Kaolin clay that Bobby’s Choice use is the white version which is also known as kaolinite clay. Kaolinite clay is the mildest clay which is very suitable for sensitive skin. We choose this clay for its gentleness as a dog’s skin is much more sensitive than that of a human.

How does it work?

Kaolin clay is often used in hair care products because it can help to absorb excess oil and dirt. It can also help to add volume and body to the hair. With this in mind, Bobby’s Choice utilizes its unique properties for dog shampoo for a better cleansing effect without the harshness of other chemicals. Kaolinite clay has the following properties that is beneficial for your dog’s fur/hair:

  • High adsorption rate for negative ions
  • High tendency to absorb dirt and impurities from hair and skin
  • Natural healing properties which is gentle for dog’s skin
  • Repairs damaged hair and promotes overall hair growth in long term

Most shampoo in the market does balance the ion condition in your dog’s hair/fur. This usually causes your dog’s fur/hair to get oily easily and smell bad. With clay as a primary ingredient in the dog’s shampoo, our shampoo can remove the build-up of negatively charged ions in your dog’s hair and skin.

kaolin clay used for dog shampoo

Is Kaolin Clay safe for dogs?

Yes, Kaolin clay is 100% safe for dogs. In-fact, clay is even used in many probiotic supplements for both dogs and cats. These probiotics are usually prescribed by vets when your dog is experiencing diarrhea. Using kaolin clay in shampoo is definitely safe for your dogs if kaolin clay itself is safe to be ingested by your dogs.

Effects of Bobby’s Choice Kaolin clay Shampoo

By using a clay shampoo for your dogs, you can expect the following:

  • Fluffier hair
  • Softer hair
  • Better overall skin condition
  • Better overall fur condition

Don’t just take our word for it, check out some of our customer’s testimony below!

Poodle’s Hair Returned To Its Original Color!

The clay shampoo has restored my poodle’s dark gray color! This was the original color of my poodle when I first got it. Over time its color has changed to a light gray and I thought he was just aging. After trying this shampoo I found out that it was due to the bleaching effects of my previous shampoo!!

Abby Wong