Our Mission

Who is Bobby?

The term “Bobby” is used to describe a pet companion. A name so common for pets that it becomes references for many companions. It can be your dog , the overfriendly cat that always comes to you for food, or even your neighbour’s dog. The term “Bobby’s Choice” means exactly what it says— the choice that these Bobby(s) will prefer when it comes to picking what is good and safe for them.

Our Mission

Since ancient times, humans and animals have often come hand in hand, so much so that humans have animals as pets and as part of their family. Since having pets is like having another family member, don’t you think it is necessary for them to receive the best? Bobby’s Choice was created with the aim of improving the overall wellbeing of humans and pets together. We believe humans should be able to have pets living in the same household without a sense of resentment towards the burden of foul smells , cleanliness issues, and more. And as for the pets, we aim to ensure their short-lived lives are filled with rich health and happiness.

Importance of your pet’s wellbeing

Generally, a pet’s wellbeing consists of many aspects, but the most visible ones involve their skin and coat. Like humans, healthy skin and hair helps you live with less itchiness and overall more comfortable skin. Bad skin and hair conditions can lead to acute itchiness, allergy reactions, and just a poorer quality of life.

This is no different than with our pets! Every pet owner wishes that their pets could be with them forever, but we know this is not possible. If we could make their short-lived lives worth it with a better quality of life, wouldn’t that be for the best?

Pet itching and skin problems

Nowadays, itching problems in pets are common to the point that most pet owners consider them “normal”. While it is true that pets tend to get itchy more easily than humans, however, according to many published studies by veterinarians, a pet’s itch and skin problems can be caused by many factors, such as:

  • Shampoo
  • Cleanliness of floor/carpet surface
  • Surface Cleaner
  • Diet
  • Seasonal allergies
  • Mites And Fleas

With more than 60% of pets suffering from itchiness and skin problems, this matter should not be taken lightly! Just like how we humans find it suffering whenever we are itching all over, dogs feel the same too!

Why bobby’s choice is better Than most

Bobby’s Choice puts the wellbeing of your pets above anything else. We believe that a pet’s wellbeing requires more care and attention as pets frequently place complete trust in their caregiver. This may include anything from food, snacks, shampoo or caretaking methods.

Bobby’s Choice aims to provide dogs with a better life with overall improved wellbeing. From shampoo to surface cleaners, treats to foods, Bobby’s Choice aims to provide unique and functional pet products for pets that do not compromise on safety. All of Bobby’s Choice products are made to be used with and around animals safely.

Bobby’s Choice is dedicated to improving your pet’s wellbeing with better skin and coat. As owners of multiple pets like dogs, rabbits, and cats ourselves, we know that seeing our pets happy and comfortable tends to take some weight off our shoulders and put a smile on our faces. Personally, we have been using our own products like the clay shampoo on our dogs and cats since the R&D stages as we know that our shampoo is safer and better than most of the dog shampoos out there. If you have decided to give Bobby’s Choice a try, we promise that you will not regret it and we thank you for going down the path of improving your pup’s overall wellbeing.